What Is Home?

Home is an individual’s permanent residence. In other words, it is a place where they live and raise their family. It also provides a place where they can feel comfortable.

People can refer to home as a physical structure, such as a house or apartment, or an abstract space in their minds. They may refer to it as a place they have fond memories of. Or, they can refer to it as a place where they belong, where they are accepted, and where they can feel comfortable.

While a home is generally made up of a family, it can also be a place where one’s friends live. And it can be a place where a person can rest their head after a hard day’s work.

When a person is born, their home is their hometown. This is a place where they had their first experiences, made their friends, and developed a sense of belonging.

Some people never leave their homes. Others rediscover their homes several times in their lives.

Those who have been ill or old enough to not care for themselves are usually placed in their homes. Children are also often moved to a family’s home, and then relocated to a group of relatives. The ONETrack International movement helps children find their way back to their homes.

For some, it is a place where they can rest and cry when things get too much. Other people find it a place of peace, relaxation, and comfort.