How To Make More Bathrooms By Doing Less

For a small space, there are many things to try. These tips will help you maximize the limited space you have and make your bathroom look bigger than it really is.

One of the cheapest upgrades you can do is to buy new towels. They are a great way to brighten up a neutral bath. You can even purchase a freestanding basin unit for extra floor space.

Installing a mirror above your sink is a good way to enhance the overall look of your bathroom. A mirror also serves the purpose of reflecting light and providing an illusion of space.

Using recessed lights is an excellent space saving tip. These light fittings come in a variety of designs, ranging from the linear to the spotty. Choose a watt that is correct for your needs.

Creating a half-height false wall is an excellent way to conceal unsightly plumbing. It can also serve as a decorative shelf for your bathroom essentials.

Adding shelves to the walls is a surefire way to increase the storage capacity of your bathroom. Incorporating shelving above your toilet will maximize the space available in your bathroom. The right sizing can make a big difference, and will leave you with more floor space to play with.

Adding a mirror to the back of your door can be a cool way to boost the aesthetics of your bathroom. Another nifty touch is to hang a large vase filled with flowers. This will add some much needed oomph to your bathroom and will also make your guests feel special.