Exploring The Different Types Of Bearing Pullers: A Comprehensive Guide

The bearing puller is a device used to remove a set of bearings from the shaft of a machine rotating or a hole for a blind bearing. The most popular use is to remove the caged set of tapered or ball bearings from a rotating shaft, for example, in a car transmission. These tools are constructed of quality steel used for tooling, meaning they are more durable than the parts used. 

Usually, a handle attached to the rotating screw is used to operate them by hand, or the male hex end is utilised to fit the drive socket.  Some bearing pullers are hydro-powered, with a hydraulically driven piston to push against the shaft’s edge the bearing is mounted on.

Smaller bearing pullers can remove millimeter-wide bearings from fishing reels and motors with fractional horsepower. Arm extensions allow users to pull into the race inside as well. Pulling through the inner race is best as it is nailfits securely fixed to the shaft, and the outer race isn’t secure enough to the other parts of the assembly.

Types of pullers for bearings include splitter plates for bearings, three and two-arm bearing pullers, and internal pullers for bearings.

Hydraulic Bearing Puller and Mechanical Bearing Puller

The hydraulic and mechanical bearing puller uses hydraulic pressure that pushes the bearing on the shaft. Using jaws, a mechanical bearing puller pulls the bearing away from the shaft. The size and bearing you’re removing will determine your chosen bearing puller. Larger bearings are often removed using a hydraulic bearing puller, whilst smaller bearings are typically removed using a mechanical puller.


Integral Bearing Puller and Split Type Bearing Puller

The integral bearing puller, or a hydraulic, is a single hydraulic puller with a hand-pump hydraulic. A split-type bearing puller comprises a hydraulic puller and an additional pump linked via high-pressure hydraulic hoses.

Two Jaw Bearing Pullers and Three Jaw Bearing Pullers

There are various kinds of pullers for bearings for sale. Three-jaw and two-jaw bearing pullers are most commonly used. The two-jaw bearing puller can be used to remove bearings with an inner diameter factsmaniya smaller than the width of the jaws pulling them. The three-jaw bearing puller can remove bearings with an inner diameter greater than the dimensions of the jaws pulling them.

Trolley Mounted Bearing Puller

A trolley-mounted bearing puller is a device for pulling out bearings that can be mounted onto a moving trolley. The bearing puller is typically employed in industrial situations where heavy and massive bearings must be removed from a shaft or an assembly. The trolley-mounted puller for bearings consists of a frame, which is supported by the hydraulic cylinder and an arm connected to the head of the puller. 

The hydraulic cylinder connects to the arm by a pivot point that lets the arm be raised or reduced. Its pulling arm is connected on the other end and has various adapters that can be used to accommodate various dimensions and kinds of bearings. When turned on, the hydraulic cylinder pushes and pulls on the arm, which is pulled onto the pulling head and removes the bearing from its mounting.