Construction Updates in Your Community

Construction Updates for the Glenridge Operations and Maintenance Facility are set to continue in the coming months. The project includes installation of pole foundations for the Overhead Catenary System near the Lyttonsville Place Bridge. During this time, Fairoak Avenue will be closed between Highway 10 and the Main Street Service Road. However, this will not affect traffic on the south side of the highway.

Another construction project will begin in September as the City’s Pavement Management Program carries out work to improve and repair local roadways. Coolidge Road is being renovated between Coleman Road and Lake Lansing Road. This is scheduled to be completed by early summer of 2023.

Additionally, the Village is working on an accessibility plan for the Arboretum. In the meantime, construction is ongoing on sections of North Elm Street and the Canby Loop Service. You can find additional information about the work by visiting the Village’s webpage.

Also, NW Natural is working on gas line improvements on Hwy 99E. You can learn more about this project by signing up for real-time updates or getting a custom alert.

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In addition, you can check out our Projects in Your Community map to learn more about projects in your community. These maps show active construction projects and provide a general overview of the projects.